Riga Academic Guest House

RAGH round


Reservations for 4-6 months (one semester) or more have preference, if your reservation is for a shorter term, we keep the rights to change it or cancel two weeks before the reservation.


It is not allowed to smoke in the House. Fine for smoking is 100 EUR, and smoking inside can be a reason to break the Contract. It is still allowed to smoke outside.


If your budget is tight, you can share the apartment with other student, and for us it is more preferable if you already have found yourself a flatmate.


Partying is okay if you don't disturb your neigbors and don't make any damage to the property or other students.


You can have guests. We have two rules about guests:


               1) you are fully responsible for your guests

               and their behaviour (morally and financially)


               2) if your guest wants to stay more that one

               day, we should be informed about that and

               he/she should stay at the Hotel "Janne"

               nearby (see PARTNERS section)



We hope, you are intelligent and responsible :) And we expect you are not a kid, but a grown-up, so you can solve questions and communicate in appropriate way.



Included in price:


         Rent, WI-FI, utilities, towels, bedsheets and linen


You can cook in the Apartment. We provide the fridge, microwave, teapot, dishes, cups and some tableware. If you need some extra things like frying pans, kettles, baking trays etc., you should buy them by yourself. It is possible to get small electrical stove for 15 EUR at us.



We change bedsheets upon request for additional charge.

First we will send you the Reservation Form, you will need to fill it and send back via e-mail. Also we need your passport or ID card copy/scan.


After that you have to make the deposit payment for the last month (400-500 EUR, depending on your Apartment choice). It means, that you won't need to pay for the last month as you've already done that.


There are two options to proceed that:

            1) we send you an invoice (need to be paid

           via bank transfer within a week)

           2) you send us credit card details - number

          and date, and we proceed the payment remotely


When we have got your payment, we send you Final Confirmation Letter, which means that your reservation has been made and is guaranteed for 100%.


When you arrive, you make the payment for the first month and Cleaning deposit of 100 EUR. Also we need your or your parent credit card details for safety. We never charge before notice and conversation.


Cleaning deposit is made at the beginning and pictures of the Apartment will be made on our and your devices. If you return the Apartment in the same condition, Cleaning deposit will be returned.


Payments for the next month are made on or until the 1st day of the month in cash.

At the check-in the Cleaning deposit 100 EUR will be charged. We expect that you make cleaning by yourself and leave the Apartment in the same condition, then the deposit will be returned.


Utilities are included in price: cold & hot water, waste disposal, heating, electricity.


Additional services for extra fee:


                      Printing service on-site (you can easily make

                         all your school printouts without going anywhere)

                      Bycicle storage space

                      Laundry washing

                      Ironing board and iron (free)








Your request

Reservation Form

Passport or ID Card

Deposit Payment

(invoice or credit card details)

Final Confirmation


First month rent

Cleaning deposit

Rent & utilities once a month