Useful information

  • Riga Academic Guest House is a compact house, hosting students and other long term rent interesents.
  • We have been hosting international students since 2014. We know every issue you will probably face. Besides renting a place we take care of equipment and technical questions – you don’t need to worry about calling the plumber or changing the lightbulb. We will take care of everything, and this is the value you can find only at Riga Academic Guest House.
  • Our team will make you feel like at home and guide into Latvian mentality and ongoings. On the other hand you will have wonderful neighbors – international and exchange students from different universities of Riga to share your experience with and find new friends and connections.
  • Riga Academic Guest House is located in two historical buildings, one of them built in the late 19th century and the other – at the start of 20th century. Overall there are 20 apartments and we can host approximately 35 students;
  • Apartments are located in Riga, Liepājas street 9, which is in a convenient distance from many universities and important objects:10 minutes to the Airport;
        • 10 minutes to the Old Town;
        • 10 minutes to Riga Stradins University (Dzirciema street);
        • 10 minutes to Turiba University;
        • 15 minutes to Riga Technical University (Kipsala and Meza street);
        • 10 minutes to RISEBA University;
  • All of the apartments are private – you will have your own shower/toilet and kitchen.
  • Reservations for 4-6 months (one semester) or more have preference, if your reservation is for a shorter term, we keep the rights to change it or cancel two weeks before the reservation. For short term reservations – take a look at our Partner section.
  • It is not allowed to smoke in the House. Fine for smoking is 100 EUR, and smoking inside can be a reason to break the Contract. It is still allowed to smoke outside in the designated areas.
  • If your budget is tight, you can share the apartment with somebody and it is preferable that you find a roommate yourself.
  • At the check-in a Cleaning deposit of 100 EUR will be charged. We expect that you do cleaning by yourself and leave the Apartment in the same condition, then the deposit will be returned.
  • Partying is okay if you don’t disturb your neighbours and don’t make any damage to the property or other students.
  • You can have guests. We have two rules about guests:
    1. you are fully responsible for your guests and their behaviour (morally and financially);
    2. if your guest wants to stay more that one or two days, we should be informed about that, extra payment for longer stay is 5 eur per day or they can stay at near-by “Hotel Janne” for a friendly price (see Partner section).
  • We hope, you are intelligent and responsible. And we expect you are not a kid, but a grown-up, so you can solve questions and communicate in appropriate way.
  1. Included in the price:
    • rent, WI-FI, utilities (cold & hot water, waste disposal, heating*, electricity**), towels, bedsheets and linen;
    • we provide the basics – fridge, microwave, teapot, dishes, cups, some tableware, bedsheets and towels. If you need any additional things – you have to get them yourself;
    • located in the house for everybody to use – vacuum cleaner, iron and ironing board.
  2. Extra services for a fee:
    • wooden heating;
    • laundry (Self-service launderette, price depends on selected mode);
    • printing (0.07 EUR for BW page / 0.50 EUR for colored page);
    • bedsheet and towel change (5 EUR).

*if an apartment has central heating.

**if an apartment has wooden heating – 25 EUR of electricity is included in the price.